Why Choose Lot 42 Real Estate?


Why Choose Lot 42 Real Estate?

Lot 42 Real Estate is a boutique property management agency situated in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane. We understand that your investment property - or your home - is a valuable asset requiring expert care and attention. Entrusting in us ensures you will receive the necessary experience and knowledge to provide you and your property with the comprehensive level of service required to reach your investment objectives.



Why choose Lot 42 Real Estate as your property managers?

  1. Quality over quantity - At Lot 42 we understand that each of our clients have different needs, and objectives for their investment. Therefore, instead of focusing on the number of homes we manage, we concentrate on offering exceptional customer service and client satisfaction to all our landlords and tenants. 
  2. Support from the entire office - Lot 42 is a small close-knit team that has been created to help manage the workload of the agency both efficiently and competently. Each agent at Lot 42 is considered extremely knowledgeable in more than one area of real estate, therefore, we can offer additional support covering each other when needed, ensuring that all tasks are followed up on no matter what and completed within a timely manner. 
  3. We have something to prove - Lot 42 values your opinion and knows that it can have a significant impact on our reputation. Therefore, Lot 42 relies upon your word of mouth for referral and repeat business. We will strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations.
  4. Customised service - At Lot 42 we offer tailored service to meet your needs and requirements. We are here to work with you thus ensuring that we discuss every aspect of your investment property with you, and review and analyse your investment regularly to ensure it is presented in an impeccable condition at all times. 
  5. Community dedication - All the agents of Lot 42 are locals to the Western Suburbs, therefore, we are always keeping up to date with local events and developments. We also offer support to many charities and other local businesses within the area, and are proud to live in such a family orientated community with other like minded individuals.
  6. You are always dealing with us! - How often have you called an agency and the property manager has not been available? The receptionist answers the phone and ‘says’ they will pass the message on, but 2-3hrs later you still haven't heard back? This is a frustrating example of how sometimes the ‘big’ real estate companies can let you down. Managing thousands of properties, important information and communication specific to your property will often get lost in the shuffle. At Lot 42 when you call us, we answer! We do not have a receptionist, you get our direct personal line. We have capped our property management books to a manageable amount for our team. We are the experts when it comes to your investment.


So whether you're looking for your first property manager, a new property manager or just a second opinion ensure you give Rebecca a call on 0467 401 861 before you make any binding real estate decisions on your investment property.