Your Rental Application and why it matters


Your Rental Application and why it matters


Moving house can be an exciting, stressful and exhausting time and it is becoming increasingly harder to find a suitable home without serious competition. Spending your Saturday’s viewing an array of properties along with 20-30 groups of other people can become an overwhelming and very time consuming task. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure your rental application stands out from the crowd.


Once you have finally found a home that ticks all your boxes, you will want to make the best impression possible on the agent or owner letting the property and put in your rental application as soon as possible. 


We’ve put together 5 essentials in preparing an outstanding rental application:



Get organised!

One of the most important aspects to preparing a rental application is ensuring that your application is ready to go as soon as you have found a suitable property. Remember, time is of the essence when you are competing with 10+ other applicants also applying for the same property. 


To make the process as simple and easy as possible for the agent or the owner of the home, it is best that you have all the relevant documents ready to give them on the day along with your rental application form. The rental application form can be requested from the agent prior to the inspection, however, most agencies now offer online application forms, which makes the process to submit your application prior to the inspection easy!


The documents you will typically require to submit with your application are:


Primary photo ID: eg. a driver's license, passport or proof of age card.

Secondary ID: eg. a birth certificate, medicare card, student ID card

Current proof of address: eg. a signed lease agreement, utility/phone/internet bill, bank statement.

Employment/proof of income: eg. payslips, letter of employment, ATO tax return statement. 



Show your Interest

If you really love the place then show it! Make a good first impression; show up to the inspection early, introduce yourself to the agent or owner, ask questions about the property that either weren’t in the advertisement or any other questions you may have relating to the property or the local surrounding area. 


Tell the agent what you like about the place, when you are available to move in and your reasoning for the move. The agent will more than likely receive a high level of applications, showing your genuine interest in the property will likely ensure your application is one of the first presented to the owner.



Sweeten the deal

Get creative with your application! Think outside the box, what can you offer in your application that another applicant might not be able to. A personal or professional reference letter, a skill you can offer eg. a professional painter may offer to paint some of the property, your current rental ledger, and a past agency reference, which should outline your rental history with that agency.


Another way your application can be seen as more appealing to an owner is to offer to pay some of the rent up-front in advance. This illustrates that you are smart with your money and have healthy savings, which in return gives the landlord a sense of reassurance about your financial position. Even better, if you are in a position financially to do so, offer to pay more rent then the listed price, sometimes even $5 more will make you stand out from the other applicants. 




An agent or owner of the property will want at least 2 references included on your rental application. It is advisable to submit one personal reference eg. a long-time friend, and one professional reference eg. your employer, teacher, or mentor. Make sure you check with these references prior to giving out their details to the agent or owner, and make sure you have the correct contact information for your references. 


Some applicants are even going that little bit further with their references and offering pet references on their beloved dog or cat! A pet reference could come from your vet, groomer, or your most recent property manager, who has met your pet and knows that it is well trained, registered, and well looked after.



Follow up 

Two or three days after you have submitted your application, if you have not heard back from the agent or property owner, send them an email or give them a call and check in. Express your interest again in the property, and let them know you are eagerly awaiting to hear their response, ask if they have any questions regarding your application, that way you may be able to gage whether they have any hesitations relating to your application. 

A friendly phone call or email will help put you in the front of their mind when they are reviewing or discuss your application with the owner of the property, it will also remind the agent of your sincere interest and can-do attitude. 



Be Prepared 

Be prepared to commit to the property and the conditions of your application. If your application is successful make sure you are ready to pay the bond and 2-weeks rent straight away, as well as any other conditions you may have promised the agent or owner when you were ‘sweetening the deal’. 


The agent or owner will also ask you to sign the lease agreement once they have informed you that your application is successful, most agencies offer digital signing of lease agreements, but if your owner requires a paper form, try be available to meet them to sign the lease within the next 1-2 days from being informed your application is approved. 



Happy house hunting! 



Contact Lot 42 Real Estate if you have any questions relating to the application process. Being an agency who specialises in property management we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service and knowledge.