Tenant/s Responsibilities when vacating a rental property


Tenant/s Responsibilities when vacating a rental property


The first important step of vacating a rental property is to ensure you give the landlord or property manager the correct level of notice. You can find this information in your lease contract and it varies depending on the State or Territory you live in. For instance in QLD, a tenant must give a property manager or landlord a minimum of 2-weeks notice at the conclusion of their lease for a fixed term tenancy. However, the length of the notice period can vary depending on the type of agreement you have in place. For more on this go to the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority).


When starting a new tenancy you are supplied with an Entry Condition Report (Form 1A). You will be asked to complete the tenant section of the Form and return it to your property manager or landlord within a certain time frame, generally 3-days. The Entry Condition Report sets the standard for the condition of the property upon vacating, with fair wear and tear considered.


At the end of your tenancy your property manager will visit the property and undertake the Exit Inspection Report (Form 14a). It is always advised that as a tenant, you should try to be at the inspection if possible. This enables you to complete the exit condition report with the property manager. At this meeting you can share and compare information about the current condition of the property and relate back to the Entry Condition Report where necessary.


It is advisable before you even get to the Exit Condition Report stage, that you commission professionals to help ensure the property presents at its best and refer back to the Entry Condition Report. For example, you might organise professional cleaners to give the property a full bond clean. Professional cleaning might cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but it saves you much effort, especially as moving home is already a tiring and time consuming exercise.


You may also be required to carry out other professional services such as pest control, if you have housed pets at the property, or professional cleaning of the carpets, if the carpets were professionally cleaned when you moved into the property. Likewise, if there’s any outstanding maintenance issues or damages to the property you are responsible for, such as a broken toilet or hole in the plasterboard, you will need to coordinate repairs before moving out.


As an outgoing tenant you should ensure you return all sets of keys in full, including any additional keys you may have had cut. Once you have taken all these steps and the condition of the property is given the final check over and okay by the property manager, you should get your bond back relatively quickly.



For more information relating to Entry Condition Reports, Exit Condition Reports or Bond’s please visit the RTA’s website - https://www.rta.qld.gov.au/renting/ending-a-tenancy or speak with your property manager.