3 Reasons You Need A Property Manager


3 Reasons You Need A Property Manager

Whether you're new to property management or just don't want to worry about your rental, hiring a property manager can take a lot of the stress away. It is often tempting to try to manage your property investments because it can be seen to be cheaper and easier.


Well, If you can secure tenants that pay on time every week, always look after the property and report any issues, how hard can it be? Well often things rarely go to plan with tenants and when dealing with them you should always expect the unexpected. Property managers offer a middle-man between you and your client, allowing you to worry less about the property and more on enjoying the rewards of your investment. 


Key understanding of the laws and legislations

Property managers have extensive knowledge about the current market, having an understanding of all current laws and regulations allows tenants and landlords a middle-ground protecting the tenants rights whilst offering the protections for landlords from bad tenants.


Navigating these laws and legislations can often be time consuming and difficult. So having a property manager on your side to advise you is essential. Property managers provide a peace of mind to the investor, helping them to avoid any future legal issue or fines.  


Maintenance and Inspections 

Property managers can take care of all maintenance and property inspection, They offer a first point of contact for the tenants if anything is to go wrong at the property. Whilst you can worry about other issues property managers are able to go and inspect and organise any repairs required. Over the years property managers gain strong relationships with local tradesmen so often are able to get faster repairs and sometimes discounted repairs which can help to take away the stress involved with the property and allow you more time to enjoy your life.


Easier tenant selection process 

The tenant selection process can be quite daunting and often very time consuming when done on your own. This is where property managers can make the whole rental process a breeze, we are experts at finding the perfect tenant for your property. We used extensive marketing tools and knowledge of the local area to find the perfect tenant for your property.


Property managers have the time to show the tenants throughout the property extensively which can often take quite a long time. When you first tackle being your own landlord finding the time capacity to do this adequately can be very difficult, this can then result in not being able to find a tenant at all or having the wrong tenant move. In a good market property managers share a very low vacancy rate on rental properties, with years of knowledge and industry experience property managers look to take all the difficulties out of your investment property away allowing you to maximise your return on investment on your property.


So if you are a local landlord in the western suburbs of Brisbane and you are looking to take a step back and take away the stress of managing your own portfolio today, get in contact with us today!