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Your Checklist for Choosing a Property Manager

Your Checklist for Choosing a Property Manager

Do you treat your property investment as a serious business and want to maximise your returns? If so, then appointing the right property manager is vital.

Your property is a valuable asset and should be tended carefully, taking into consideration your special needs and specific instructions. Poor choice can change a great investment into a troublesome asset.

Don’t chose an agent with your decision based just on their fees – in today’s complex property market and legislative environment property management fees should be viewed not as a cost but as an investment. Professional and proactive property management can considerably increase the return of your investment.

  1. Do the agency staff members personally show prospective tenants through properties?
  2. How does the agency market available properties for lease?
  3. Request some examples of recent internet listing? (looking at quality of ad copy & images)
  4. How much information is obtained from the applicants for properties & what’s verified?

Management Checklist

  1. What documented systems are in place for property management?

  2. What is your process for rent arrears?

  3. What is your process for reviewing & negotiating the rent on my property?

  4. What is your process for dealing with repairs and maintenance?

  5. What steps do you take to ensure that all contractors working on my property are properly licensed and insured?

  6. What steps do you take to ensure that all maintenance work is competitively priced?

  7. What is the experience level of the staff members who will be leasing and managing my property & how much ongoing training do they have?

  8. Do you send rent statements by email and deposit rental funds electronically?

Customer Service Checklist

  1. What testimonials or references do you have from satisfied clients?

  2. Do you provide a service guarantee?

  3. Does the agency have documented service standards?

  4. What back-up staff are there in the event my property manager is sick or on holidays?

  5. How frequently will you communicate with me and what form will this take?

  6. Does a Senior Property Manager personally check my Rent Statements prior to finalising?

Lot 42 Real Estate is a 'boutique' rental agency based in Kenmore, in Brisbane’s West. We are 100% focused on property management and our core business is to get you the highest return on your asset and assist you in achieving your investment goals. If you have a property you are looking to lease, make time to have a confidential chat with our team have about your investment goals


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